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Five AM Theater

An exclusive after hours entertainment venue located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. FiveAm is known for its advanced music production and luxurious, extravagant theater like theme.

Contractors Creative

Contractors Creative is an advertising agency focused on connecting hardworking contractors and businesses with homeowners that need their services.

Angel Stuffing

Angel Staffing is committed to linking experienced and qualified medical professionals with top medical treatment facilities to enrich the healthcare industry and ensure patients receive the most competent and compassionate care available.

Texas Standard Solar

Houstons #1 solar company providing solar panels to homeowners the right way and for the best price possible.

Interior Designers Institute

Interior Designers Institute is a boutique college, specializing in teaching interior design and interior architecture. The college’s specialized curriculum, offers each student a personalized education with student-focused faculty, who love teaching. The steady growth of the college can be attributed in part to its reputation for excellence, the need for a high caliber private college and its location in the heart of Orange County, California.


From its inception in 1968, Jade Range LLC has been committed to providing the best in quality cooking equipment. Jade Range offers customized kitchen equipment to suit every chef’s style.


EyeGage is revolutionizing access to drug screening technology via intelligent mobile eye scans. Substance abuse costs the US $600B annually, and 70% of substance abusers are employed full time. EyeGage allows companies to stay ahead of accidents with confidence, which saves time, money, and lives, while reducing the negative impacts of substance abuse on families and communities.

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